Book Review: Heartwood Hotel, Book 1

A review by Ms. Michelle

Have you ever read a book that made you feel warm and cozy? I read Heartwood Hotel: A True Home, by Kallie George, and I felt just that. An early reader chapter book that is the beginning of a series to capture your heart.

Mona mouse is alone in the world with nothing but a walnut suitcase, with a tiny heart etched in to the top. She finds herself in a terrible storm that could take a turn for the worse, but instead finds herself at the doorstep of the Heartwood Hotel ; a wonderful, warm, safe place for all traveling creatures. Mona meets many wonderful animals that include Mr. Heartwood, a gentlemanly badger; Ms. Prickles, a porcupine who cooks delicious treats; and Tilly squirrel, who is not warm and inviting at first but is soon to warm up.

With wonderful pencil illustrations, and warm descriptions, this story comes to life quickly. The hustle and bustle of the Heartwood Hotel comes through with the lively conversations between the staff and guests and the inner dialog that dear Mona has with herself. An exciting twist of fate for Mona keeps readers wondering if Mona will leave, but perhaps she has ties to the Heartwood she never knew of.

This book is geared towards newly discovered chapter book readers who love animal stories, especially where the animals take on human like traits such as talking and vacations. With illustrations and only 162 pages this book can be a great start to dive into the chapter book world; readers who enjoy this book will indeed enjoy the other seasons of Heartwood as well.

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