February Artist: Wayne Finkle

Visit the library this month to view acrylic paintings by Milo artist Wayne Finkle!

About the artist:

I was born into a Navy family in Pensacola, Florida. As usually happens with military families, moving comes with the territory. After living a short time in Florida, my family moved to Chula Vista, California, then to Japan for three years and the Azores for two years, before finally settling down in Massachusetts.

I always did well with art in school. Even at that age I had a passion to paint. Later in life I started to watch the Joy of Painting with Bob Ross. This is where I learned the basics. In 2015 I started to take professional lessons with June Greg, a professional painter. At that point there was a major change in my paintings.

Before I paint, I ask the Lord to guide my hands and work through me. I am inspired by the beauty of the State of Maine. Many of my paintings depict scenes specifically from the Milo/Jonesport/Beak Island/Greenville/Mt Katahdin areas.

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