August Artist: Edward Muennich

Photographer Edward Muennich is our August artist of the month! Visit the library this month to view his remarkable landscapes and images of the natural world.

Bio / Artist Statement

Edward Muennich grew up in southwest Ohio and has lived in Oregon, Alaska, and the Czech Republic where he has worked as a carpenter and a studio assistant for jewelers, potters, and other crafters before settling down in Maine 24 years ago. Currently he lives in Mount Desert where he works primarily as a carpenter. Ed and his partner Kerri Sands have a camp here in Piscataquis County, on Lake Onawa, which they visit as often as they can.

Edward has a background in arts and crafts, primarily painting and drawing, but has come to photography relatively recently. The images in this show are from the past four years of photographing. In some of the photographs he is playing with long exposure – giving the water an ethereal quality, or creating “double images”; in others he is capturing interesting natural events such as sea smoke or reflections. All of the images are a result of his exploring places he loves, looking in depth for compositions that excite him.