November Artist: Kathy Farris

November’s art exhibit features new works in acrylic, mix media, and collage by local artist Kathy Farris. Kathy will donate 50% of the proceeds from any artwork sold to Pine Tree Hospice.

Artist Statement:

The works exhibited are my most recent, completed in the latter 2018, and in 2019. Though eclectic in subject matter, what the paintings have in common is a play with the element of color. Using established color harmonies then trying new combinations was an enjoyable task.

Some history research was employed in the process of painting the abandoned train station on the way to Borestone Mountain. With some help from Greta and Michelle at TFL I found out “Bodfish Station” had been the official residence of the section foreman working for Canadian Pacific Railroad. The building housed him and his family upstairs, and the downstairs was an area for those waiting to ride the “Scoot.” The train made its last run in 1960.