Story Slam at Center Coffee House – Feb 21

Thompson Free Library’s Voices from HOME Oral History Project is partnering with Center Coffee House for a live storytelling event on Friday, Feb 21 at 6 pm!

Ch-ch-ch-changes! Perhaps the only constant. We want to know! Were there significant times in your life where your world was totally flipped upside down or inside out? Did you ever just pick up and move or re-create your identity? Do you have a story of deep internal change you need to share? It’s 2020. Get ready to talk about change!

Prepare a 4-8 minute TRUE story to share! Here are the rules:

1) Come prepared to tell your story on stage, unscripted without notes. A personal, true story, that happened to you where you are the central character. Though we love fiction, we’re interested in the truth. Your truth. Spill all of the details.
2) Stories must be within a 4 to 8 minute time frame.
3) Tell ONE story with a beginning, middle, and end containing a series of events that grow to a climax. Though we love stand up comedy, this is not a stand up set.
4) We’re only interested in the thoughts, feelings, and emotions you experienced through this ONE story from your life that you’ve prepared.
5) Practice, practice, practice!

See you at 920 West Main St on Friday, Feb 7, at 6 pm! Beverages available for purchase from Center Coffee House, Spruce Mill Farm desserts provided.